mTPAD (mobile Tethered Pelvic Assist Device) is an overground gait training robotic device that uses seven parallel cables to apply three dimensional forces and moments to the pelvis of the user. 

The mTPAD is a cable-driven robotic system for overground gait training of individuals with gait irregularities. It allows for controllable forces and moments to be applied to the pelvis of the user. All hardware are mounted on a posterior rollator, allowing full portability of this robotic system. Seven servo motors route cables from specific points on the posterior rollator frame to a pelvic belt worn by the user in a specific configuration to remove external motion capture systems. 

mTPAD is capable of applying assistive and resistive forces and perturbations to the pelvis of the user while they walk overground. This can alter the kinematics of the pelvis, the muscle responses of the lower limbs, and change the gait parameters of the individual. By studying the effects of various pelvic force and moment profiles, we can motivate gait training paradigms for individuals to make their gait more efficient.