Dr. Agrawal to organize a workshop at American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) 72nd Annual Meeting in Cincinnati

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Sunil Agrawal
June 01, 2018

The AACPDM 72nd Annual Meeting will be in Cincinnati during Oct 9-13, 2018. Dr. Agrawal will present a breakfast workshop focused on "Improvements in Gait and Posture: Novel Clinical results and Robotic Technologies". The co-presenters in this workshop are Dr. Joseph Dutkowsky, Dr. Andy Gordon, Dr. David Roye, and Dr. Heakyung Kim.

The session will present four novel research and accompanying clinical results for treatment of children with gait and posture deficits. These topics are: (i) Tethered Pelvic Assist Device (TPAD) - a novel robotic device to apply external forces on the pelvis during treadmill walking and an intervention to improve crouch gait of children with cerebral palsy ( Science Robotics, 2017), (ii) Trunk Support Trainer (TruST) – a novel robotic device and an intervention that can improve trunk posture in children with cerebral palsy GMFCS III and IV during seated tasks (IEEE RAL 2017),  (iii)  Robotic Spine Exoskeleton (ROSE) – a novel upper body wearable exoskeleton that can measure dynamic posture and apply controlled forces on the human spine for children with scoliosis (IEEE TNSRE 2018), and (iv) Dynamic Neck Brace – instrumented neck braces that characterize and train the neck movements in children with torticollis and weak neck muscles (IEEE RAL 2017).

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