Haohan Zhang

Ph.D. Student

Haohan Zhang is currently in his third year with the ROAR lab. He received his Master degree in 2014 from University of Massachusetts Amherst and Bachelor degree in 2011 from Dalian University of Technology, respectively. Prior to joining ROAR lab, he worked with Dr. Frank Sup on his Master thesis on designing a passive spine exoskeleton to augment the strength and reduce the risk of injury. This work was published in Journal of Medical Devices in 2016.

He is currently working on developing of a series of dynamic neck braces, motivated to help people with neck movement disorders. Advised by Dr. Sunil Agrawal, he invented a wearable neck brace which measures and enables head movement. This robotic platform can be further utilized as a research tool to broadly explore head movement related scientific problems.

His research interest is broad, including machine design, wearable technology, integration of robotic systems and artificial intelligence.