Haohan Zhang

Ph.D. Student

Haohan is currently in his fifth year with the ROAR lab. He received his Master degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2014 from University of Massachusetts Amherst. He has previously worked with Dr. Frank Sup on designing a passive spine exoskeleton to mitigate the risk of lower back injury. This work was published in Journal of Medical Devices in 2016.

Since joining the ROAR lab, he has invented a robotic neck brace motivated to help people with neck movement disorders. This robotic brace is wearable with which a patient with neck muscle weakness can perform head movement through versatile input devices, such as joysticks, keyboards, and eye-trackers. This brace can also be used to train head control through various force controllers. This is the first time in literature a wearable neck robot is developed.

His research interest includes wearable robotics, scientific computing, and robot learning.